Concerned about high blood pressure, chest pain, difficulty breathing or snoring?

Cardiac and respiratory problems are on the rise in New Zealand, meaning long waiting lists at hospitals for patients and GPs requesting diagnostic tests. At Fast Pace Solutions we’re a team of medical specialists offering the latest diagnostic tests at a primary level, so that you and your doctor can prepare the most accurate management plan for your health concern in the shortest time possible.

We work closely with cardiologists and general practitioners to ensure early diagnosis and effective treatment of heart, lung and sleep related issues. No more waiting lists, just fast and accurate diagnosis now.

Contact your GP about our services or call us directly.


Concerned about high blood pressure or chest pain? Our tests provide fast and early diagnosis for heart and other related diseases.


Is snoring or fatigue impacting on your life? Sleep assessment is vital for the proper management of long-term health.


Do you have difficulty breathing or experience dizzy spells? Your heart, lungs and sleep quality are all interlinked.


Medical practitioners can access our patient referral form here